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Your Legal Edge & Best Shot Of Winning

At Steckler Wayne & Love, our commitment to fairness, integrity and justice combined with our willingness to be innovative and aggressive provides our clients with a legal edge in representation.

Your best shot of winning happens when the other side believes you will go to the end, try your case, and succeed. Your credibility comes not only from your posture, but from the reputation of your lawyers for taking cases to trial and winning. That is what we do best.

Steckler Wayne & Love combines nearly a hundred years’ worth of experience trying over seventy-five cases to juries, judges and arbitrators (and preparing hundreds more that settled) in every field of law on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. The fact that we routinely litigate on both sides of the docket makes us dangerous to opposing cookie-cutter law firms that only represent plaintiffs or defendants.

Our clients expect value and results, and we deliver both. We often give clients free advice on their issues to help them make the most informed, strategic decisions. And when asked to execute, we work on contingency fee or alternative fee arrangements to provide the best and highest value for our clients. By sharing in the risk and the rewards, we partner with our clients.